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Sunday, October 17, 2010

You know what I hate about homophobes?

Other than the fact that hating someone for loving someone else is completely retarded, that is.

It's that you can't even have a logical debate with them. Their arguments against gay people make so little sense that I just end up staring at them and blinking like an idiot, because being around that kind of idiocy makes me feel stupider by association. I can't believe that the things they're saying don't sound completely nonsensical even to their own ears.

It just makes me want to punch someone in the face. Ugh.

Voice your opinions, please?

In other news, this weekend was awesome and I'm sad it's over. Sigh.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010



Let me repeat that for you, just to make sure you understand.


Um, so the show last night was fucking awesome. I've never been to a show with so few bands playing (just two), but in a way I liked that, because the first band played a small set, and then Flyleaf got to play a ridiculously long one. :D The first band was Story of the Year. They were...okay. No they weren't. They sucked. XD. That's enough about them.

Flyleaf's setlist,  in no particular order:

In The Dark
Beautiful Bride
All Around Me
This Close
The Kind
So I Thought
Fully Alive
I'm So Sick
Swept Away
Set Apart This Dream
Some song I didn't know the name of O_o

THEY PLAYED EVERY FUCKING THING I WANTED THEM TO PLAY. Except In The Dark. They totally should have played, like, Breathe Today or Red Sam instead. And then I would have cried from joy. Speaking of crying, I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY PLAYED CIRCLE *AND* SO I THOUGHT. The two songs that make me cry all the fucking time. I didn't cry, but there was a good chance of it. XD. AND I'M SO GLAD THEY DIDN'T PLAY TINY HEART. That would have ruined it. XD
Pat and Jared collided mid-jump during I'm So Sick. It was hilarious. Almost as hilarious as Pat's creeper-hobo-hippie-lumberjack beard. And all the eye makeup. Who is this guy and what is he doing in this band. XD And I forgot how tiny Lacey is. And how gorgeous she is. She's so inspirational. I love her.

Ummm, I can't really think of much more to say. Other than that I really regret not bringing my camera. I was convince it would get broken. There was no movement in the crowd. It would have been fine. FML.

Friday, October 1, 2010

It's NaNo season!

The National Novel Writing Month website went through it's annual relaunch just a little while ago. The forums are fresh and new and the Author Profiles are just begging for you to update your novel info for the year...NaNoWriMo season has officially started! Are you participating this year? Well, you should. Yes, anyone who wants to take the challenge of writing 50,000 words in just 30 days must be completely insane, but that's why you love us. If you are joining in, add me as a writing buddy! I would love to have more folks to talk to on there. My Author Profile, all freshened up <3

October and November are going to be insaaaane. I have no idea how my novel is going to start, which is making it a bit difficult to outline. Plus irrelevant plot bunnies are latching onto me left and right. (I almost wrote 'write' instead of 'right.' I'm so punny. *dodges flying tomatoes.*) But I do know how I'm going to fit Mr. Ian Woon into my novel (sadly, no idea how trebuchets might fit it, or the Travelling Shovel Of Death, seeing as I [hopefully] won't be killing anyone off this year), and that's what really matters. I have my priorities straight.

Also on the agenda for October, I'm going to see Flyleaf this Tuesday. It's at a really small venue, too. I'm so excited I might explode. You have no idea. And then the next day I'm going to see David Sedaris, which is equally as exciting. If you haven't read anything by David Sedaris, you haven't lived. Go read something by him, then come back. Did you do it? Good. I already met him once last year, and got my book signed. He also gave me a condom, I'm not sure why. I still have it.

November is also going to be both insane and supermegaawesome, because MCR's new album is going to be released on the 22nd. The new Harry Potter movie comes out on the 19th, but I am so unenthusiastic about that I barely bothered to type this out. I'll watch it when it comes out on DVD and complain about it for weeks and then go back and read the book, because they probably will change so much in the movie that despite reading the book countless, times the movie will be so screwed up I won't even know what the plot is anymore. Someday I'm going to write out all of my thoughts about those movies and post a tl;dr blog about them. LOL.

So, lots to be pumped up about. And pumped up I am.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Who? by ~x-VelvetChains-x on deviantART

I uploaded this yesterday.
It has 97 faves on deviantART.

I can't even...

Saturday, September 25, 2010


User: You remind me of the babe.

Cleverbot: What babe?

User: The babe with the power.

Cleverbot: What power?

User: The power of voodoo.

Cleverbot: Who do?

User: You do.

Cleverbot: Do what?

User: Remind me of the babe.


User: Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the goblin city, to take back the child you have stolen.

Cleverbot: That's nice.


User: One does not simply walk into Mordor.

Cleverbot: You totally do.


User: Blink and you're dead.

Cleverbot: Oh, just blinked.

User: brb, living to death.


User: Don't blink. Blink and you're dead.

Cleverbot: The angels have the phone box.


Cleverbot: I love you too.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I have no clever titles.

Sorry for my absence - there are a few reasons. For one, Tumblr took over my life. >_> It's the most adicting website ever, you have no idea. But I swear I'm not abandoning you guys! If you want to see me fangirl shamelessly over David Tennant/Doctor Who, Harry Potter, stupid memes, and other such things, feel free to follow me. The link should be on the sidebar over there <------.

I've been recovering from a weekend of awesomeness. A couple of times a year I go to a festival at Lothlorian Nature Sanctuary. I didn't sleep pretty much the entire time, and while I know that's a terrible idea and makes me feel ill for days, I can never seem to learn my lesson. Anyway, it was one of the most awkward/most hilarious/most fun/most exhausting/most amazing fests I've been to yet, and it was awesome to see all of my friends, and I can't wait to go back :D

I've been working on planning my NaNoWriMo novel, and it's not going too well. I have character profiles, and I know what all of my characters look like so far, which is a first. But I started trying to outline and I just can't make it happen. *shrugs*. Slowly plugging away, I guess.

Oh, lots of MCR happenings, in case you weren't already aware. They released a trailer for the new album, which is SO FUCKING EPIC I CAN'T STOP WATCHING IT OMFG. After watching it five million times, I really want 'Art is the weapon against life as as symptom' & the Killjoy spider logo as a tattoo. XD And the first single, Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na) has been released as of yesterday. I know you can listen to it on Kroq. There's also an interview there. The album is called Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys, and will be out on November 22nd. Frank also posted the track listing on the website. When I think about the new album in November, it seems like years away. When I think about NaNoWriMo in November, I'm like, OMFG NO I'M NOT READY. XD

I sorta started a new digital painting, just cause I haven't played with my tablet much since I got Photoshop CS5. Which is superepicawesome, btw. Anyway, here's a WIP:
It's a bit shitty right now, hopefully it will be better soon. Hope you know who it is. If you don't, I might have to cut you.

Ohey, it's Thursday. Check out some stuff I've faved on deviantART.

Hayley W by ~jazz-the-red on deviantART

killjoys make some noise by ~0dark0-0angel0 on deviantART

Team Rocket by *Malro-Doll on deviantART

The Scribble Creature by *SheldonSands on deviantART

Under The Weather by *wakkawa on deviantART

Doctor's Companions by *Timedancer on deviantART

Getting Lucky Part One by future-time-lady

Do you want fame? by ~sickhypnotic on deviantART


Thursday, September 16, 2010

brand new eyes.

brand new eyes. by ~x-VelvetChains-x on deviantART

Hayley Williams, from Paramore :) She is adorable and I loves her. The teeth look really weird. :[.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I give up.

The MCR Mindfuck Continues

My Chem, you have baffled me with this one. I give up. You win. This madness has gone on a bit too long.


I also give up on moving these certain 6 files to a different folder on my computer. IT JUST WON'T MOVE. *head!desk*
In other news. My eyebrow hurts really badly.
And if Season 5 of Doctor Who doesn't come out on DVD soon, I am going to go into withdrawl. IT'S LIKE CRACK. BUT EVEN BETTER THAN CRACK. O_O. *twitches*
Er. That was odd.

I am determined to draw a picture today. I was also determined to draw a picture the last three days. I'm also determined to work on planning my NaNoWriMo novel (did I tell you I decided on what to write?) .We'll see how that goes.


I watched pretty much an entire season of The Office in one day. That show is also like crack.

I was at Borders the other day and they had all of the Sandman books. All. Of. Them. On one shelf. ALL OF THEMMM.
They were $20 each so the whole set would have cost way too much.
I'mma ask for them for Christmas or something.

I am not sure why I'm posting all this because it has no purpose.
Oh well.
Stare at this.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio...

Yeah. I skipped Things I Like again. I may change it to an every-other-week thing. Or maybe just post links to things you should see when I feel like it. Idk. I'm a bit bored with it. XD

Uhm. I watched Hamlet last night. The one with David Tennant. Him and Patrick Stewart on the same screen = NERDGASM. As always, Tennant just blows me away with his mad acting skillz. He's so INTENSE through the whole thing and also really sexy. Intense and hilarious and slightly disturbing. AT THE SAME TIME.
Has anyone else noticed that Shakespeare's way of solving things is to kill everyone off at the end, though? >_>


I keep seeing awesome Tumblr blogs which makes me want one. But I don't quite understand it. And I don't want to abandon this blog. But it looks to me like kind of a halfway point between Blogspot and Twitter...? So I guess I could use it for random pictures and things that don't really require a whole blog posts and keep this one for writing/art/moar srs things?
Idk. We'll see. I wonder if you can link Tumblr to other blogs.
Do you have opinions about this? :D

It hasn't rained in sooooooooo long.

It's MIKEY WAY'S BIRTHDAY. We're trying to trend #HappyBdayMikey on Twitter. HELP US.

I have to go do math in a minute. I really hate math. I'm never going to use this shit except on the GED test because I plan on taking Stupid People Math in college. So this is laaaaaame. XD

Um. I have nothing more to say.
Love you all.

EDITED CAUSE I'M JUST THAT COOL: I decided 'fuck it, I want tumblr.' so I set one up. No harm done if I decide I hate it, it's not as though anyone pays attention to me anyway. LOL.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Chemical Romace - what the...?

So I leave twitter for a few hours last night, and ALL KINDS OF SHIT GOES DOWN. Apparently the familliar My Chemical Romance website vanished, to be replaced by a weird TV that plays all kinds of creepy sounds. Plus all this mystery twitter accounts, by the names of DrDeathDefyingNewsAGoGo, and AgentCherriCola appeared posting cryptic messages, a few of them seemingly connected to Gerard Way's cryptic tweet last week. Cassie's blog has better information about all of this.
WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN. I'm so creeped out/confused/EXCITED. And I want my friend to wake up already so that I can share this news with her. D:
Also, from Frank Iero's tweets last night, I think he's officially a dad. Congrats, Frank!
Perhaps I will post more about these mysterious happenings when more news arises. Or maybe I'll forget. We'll see.

Update: After going through all this, my friend and brother are thinking post-apocalyptic themed album. Your thoughts?
Update 2: Mcrdeviantclub has compiled a list of interesting theories, and other things I hadn't picked up on. Give it a read. Also, I would recommend checking the website at 6:30 PM tonight (some people are saying that it's 6:30 pm PST, but I'm not sure why.) One of the tweets from DrDeathDefying said something about it.
Update 3: Obviously nothing happened at 6:30. However, DrDeathDefying tweeted again, and  it seems like the numbers are counting faster and the music in the background of the scary-static-heat-vision-face channel is a bit clearer. I hear drums and possibly singing.
Update 4: The site is back to normal! Sporting a new layout and a blog post from Frank. You can still access the TV, though.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Things I Like Thursday

It's that time again... that time I forgot about until literally this second. Wooops.

Oh, but firstly, we're trying to trend #MyChemicalRomance on Twitter right now! help us out!
And I just got Disturbed's new album, Asylum. It's epic. I may post a review when I've listened to it more.
And a new library opened up where I live! It's a little sparse right now, since the old building was teeny tiny. And in the young adult section at least (that's as far as I've ventured other than the Fantasy section) everything is very jumbled and disjointed. But hey, they only opened up two days ago. :D I checked out some very typical-looking high-school drama sort of books to try to get a feel for my NaNoWriMo novel. I also got the new Dragonlance book (Dragons of the Hourglass Mage). On the cover, Raistlin's skin is white and the dragon orb is an hourglass. I don't have high hopes.
These last couple days have been long and exhausting and awful. I won't go into why. Stuff is weird. I've lived here for 17 years, and don't know anyone around here. Everyone I did know moved away, or we just don't hang out anymore. This really sucks.
On with the show.

Artist of the Week: Tbdoll

Writer of the Week: Read 'Tithe' by Holly Black. Then read Ironside, and Valiant. Don't ask questions. Just do it.

Photographer of the Week: Suicide-bee

Band of the Week: DISTURBED. <3

Some Recent Faves on deviantART:

Thousand Burned-Out Yesterdays by *Suanin on deviantART

Fireauna by ~Luna-Zamiko on deviantART
(this person is my best friend in the whole world. give her attention.)

The Band that Saved My Life. by *Skissored on deviantART

Closer by *anndr on deviantART

Ariel by *somethingVINTAGE on deviantART

Playing With Fire 2 by *S0lstickan on deviantART

coffee stains by ~lovers-and-fighters on deviantART

Elisa Day by ~lockjaw on deviantART

Sunkisses by *somethingVINTAGE on deviantART

Joker: Aces are WILD by *Sarapungs-tokusatsu on deviantART

Monday, August 30, 2010

Short story – ‘Interlude’

Firstly -- I went to the zoo on Saturday :D It was ridiculously hot and all of the animals were asleeps, lulz. Buut I have pictures if you find such things interesting. Which you probably don't. But I'm going to give you the link anyway.

Secondly - I know what I'm going to write for NaNoWriMo :) I decided on the one that I called 'Music = Life' (but I think I'll change the title.)

Thirdly - I changed my blog layout a bit so that the background of the post wouldn't be transparent. I don't know how I feel about it. I wish there was a way to make it just a little bit transparent, but not completely. If there is such I way, I do no know it. D:
Fourthly - I have a bit of writing to share :D I wrote it the other day while listening to 'Vampires Will Never Hurt You' by My Chemical Romance. I've read all kinds of stuff about how the song is a metaphor for society trying to change you and suck the life out of you. That's all well and good. I kinda like to think of it as a song about…vampires. >_> The non-sparkling kind, please. It was actually the middle of the night when I was listening to the song, and it really creeped me out quite a bit. Oh, the days when vampires were scary. I miss it so. *needs to re-read Dracula.* (Speaking of Dracula, I have actually talked to some teenies who were all "OMG VAMPIRES ARE SO SMEXIII<3 I LUV TWILIGHT!!!1!" I was like, "Oh yeah? I like vampires too. What are your favorite books? I'm personally a fan of Bram Stoker's Dracula." They said, and I quote, "Who's Bram Stoker?" I shit you not. I almost cried.)

So. This was inspired by that. I was trying to make it clear what was going on in the story without specifically stating what is hunting them. I don't know how well I did, because obviously I know what's going on. So, if you have any comments, please don't hesitate to share them :)
Oh, and another thing - despite this being a story inspired by a My Chemical Romance song, I did not name the character 'Frank' after Frank Iero. I actually did not even think about that until just now. Lulz.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Things I Like Thursday!

I did the most ridiculous amount of math today. You have no idea. I'm too pretty for this shit. D:
Oh, and I got my eyebrow pierced. It hurts a whole bunch (though it didn't hurt as bad as a wasp sting, as I discovered last night. that could just be because I have a very low tolerance for wasp stings. my foot swelled up to like, almost twice it's size o_o), but it's epiccccc. My Facebook profile picture has a good shot of it, but only in the large view. :P
Yeah. I totally spaced it out last week. >_> <_< Well. Things I Like is back. :D

Writer of the Week: Lixxle
A fanfiction writer in the Labyrinth fandom (which is the #1 coolest fandom ever, just so you know. We're all intellegent and like awesome things. We kick anime fandom's asses.) One of her stories, My Fine Feathered Friend, was inspired by some drawings that Pika-la-cynique did. It's all pure crack!fic, but in the best possible way - I dare you not to laugh out loud the whole way through all of her stories. Warning, quite a bit of 'adult-type touching', to quote Lixxle herself. But some of that is the funniest part.

Artist of the Week: Janey-jane
...There are no words. Just look at it. Especially these:
SesshomaruThe Goblin King, and Bioluminescence

Photographer of the Week: homedoggieo
A friend of mine from when I first joined deviantART...he doesn't get on too often anymore, but he still has some great stuff.

Band of the Week: Taking Back Sunday.
Omfg I love them. Listen to 'Swing', 'New Again', and 'Sink Into Me'. They're my favorites right now. :D

Recent faves on deviantART:

The Ghost of You by ~lizziedeviant on deviantART

Last of the Time Lords by =SheldonSands on deviantART

warmth by ~malo-bice on deviantART

Code Geass : Damn Regret by *ilaBarattolo on deviantART

The Hatter by =einlee on deviantART

Heroes - Gabriel Sylar by ~Petite-Madame on deviantART

Skull by ~BenDiAnna on deviantART

l i t t l e m o n s t e r by =gutterface on deviantART

Sin by ~noridomotomiriki on deviantART

Vladimir by *Id-Boomer on deviantART

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

lived too long.

lived too long. by ~x-VelvetChains-x on deviantART
You guys.
I am so proud of this.
You have no idea.

I did this totally freehand, for one thing. No tracing, no grid, nothing like that. And it's the first time I've drawn something this big in that sketchy crosshatching style. And the hair/clothes don't look like complete shit (just a small amount of shit.)

Also, David Tennant is quite pretty. This is a simple fact of life.

Took 4 or 5 hours to draw it, then I did the sepia tone in photoshop and make some of the highlights a bit brighter. All done with a HB mechanical pencil and a 2B regular pencil.
Expect to see more things in this style. I loves it.

The Doctor belongs to the BBC. David Tennant belongs to himself. no matter how much I wish I owned both of them.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

patron saints of switchblade fights

saints of switchblade fights by ~x-VelvetChains-x on deviantART

I've been sketching. I spontaneously remembered just how cute the My Chemical Romance boys are, and felt like sketching 'em. I would have sketched Ray and Bob as well, except 1.) There wasn't room (that empty space there was un-draw-on-able because I erased a previous failed sketch of Gerard) and 2.) Toro's hair is intimidating. Oh well. Maybe someday.

Gee looks...odd. I drew him twice for no reason at all, and as always, his nose is IMPOSSIBLE. I think the one of Mikey turned out really well considering that it's a profile AND he's wearing glasses. It doesn't look that much like Mikey, but I'm okay with that.

All done with a HB mechanical pencil and a 2B regular pencil.

Sketch no longer looks like a word.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Brigid Is A Nerd

You probably already knew that, since, y'know, all I blab about is my current hopelessly nerdy obsessions. But it's OFFICIAL now. *nods*

They're just reading glasses, but they make me feel really intelligent and writer-ly :]. Plus they're helping me see up close even better than I expected. For example, I have this picture as my desktop background right now:

 and I can see every pore in his lovely face EVEN BETTER.  >_>   <_<.  

Speaking of his lovely face --- I watched The End Of Time Part 2 last night. And kinda cried myself to sleep.
I wish he could've lasted forever.
Bye, Tenth Doctor. <3

Saturday, August 14, 2010

plotting and planning

As some of you may know, National Novel Writing Month is coming up in November.
If you do not know that, National Novel Writing Month (write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days) is coming up in November :D

I've done it and won the last couple of years, and this year I've managed to convince my mother and best friend to attempt it with me (yay!) The last couple years, I've known exactly what I'm going to write, but this year... I have a zillion and one ideas, but I don't know which to choose. Two are extremely angsty Young Adult/Lit Fic sort of things, one of them is a romance, one is pretty much the definition of YA drama, one was inspired by a plot prompt on the NaNoWriMo website ('autobiography of an imaginary friend') and the other is a steampunk vampire thing. I REALLY want to write the vampire one, but I don't know what the plot it. I have the ending, and two characters, but that's it. No setting, no plot.
So that's a bit of an issue.

I've never had this problem before! I want to write ALLL OF THEMM. I'm going to attempt to write a synopsis of them, and I want you guys to tell me what you think. Hopefully they'll be better than they sound, because I suck at at this. All titles are stupid working titles. XD

After a young girl commits suicide, her best friend turns to everyone he knows that was connected to her to try to figure out why she did it.

That Summer:
Actually a rewrite of a story I was working on forever ago.
Amber's mother drags her to her aunt's house to stay there for the summer. There she meets Aidan, a foster child that her aunt has taken in. The boy is a mystery to her, and Amber loves a good mystery - but when she finds and reads his diary, she realizes that she might be in over her head.

Music = Life:
Brooke, Isaiah, Elena, and Robert - four teenagers from completely different walks of life, with nothing in common, except for one thing: their love of music. Can they overcome their differences enough to play in a band together?

Autobiography of an Imaginary Friend:
We've all had an imaginary friend at some point. We all got over it and realized how silly it was, realized that they weren't real. But what if they are real? Sam - the name a little girl gave to him - is one, invisible to everyone besides his human friend and other Imaginaries. But he wants more than anything to exist in more than a child's mind - he wants to be human.

The Nurse Who Loved Me:
Um. I don't know how to describe this one. It's inspired by the song The Nurse Who Loved Me by A Perfect Circle (the most gorgeous song in the WORLD.), and based on a short story I wrote years ago. So maybe you should read that. Be warned, it's old and crappy.

And then the vampire one. All I've got for that so far it that my two main characters are brothers, and neither of them can die - unless his brother is the one to kill him. So yeah. :P

What do you guys think? Would you read any of them? And what do you writerly folk do when you're stuck like this?

Comments are the rainbow to my unicorn. Wait what?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Things I Like Thursday!

I did a photoshoot with my best friend the other day. This is the result. :D

*sings* It's that time again!

Writer of the Week:
 Audrey is writing a Doctor Who fanfic, and the first two chapters - as well as a couple other awesome Who-related writings - are on her deviantART page :D Take a looksie!

Artist of the Week:
Do you like Labyrinth? Or Phantom of the Opera? Or Good Omens, or practically any other fandom that is made of AWESOME?
Then go read Pika's Girls Next Door comics. They're amazing. Plus she's a great artist, so look at her other stuff too!

Photographer of the week:
Rinny is one of my favorite people ever. <3

Band of the Week:
My Chemical Romance, of course.

Some recent fave on deviantART:

Raistlin by ~Myar on deviantART

fireflies by ~julkusiowa on deviantART

Vomit by =alterlier on deviantART

Still Waiting by *VhPhoto on deviantART

green suspenders by *tobiee on deviantART

Spiderweb by ~asyenka on deviantART

Fill my heart with Colors by =mibou on deviantART

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIP by *HamletMachine on deviantART

Salvatore .Film. by ~Juanikiki on deviantART

Monday, August 9, 2010


Friday, August 6, 2010

Of Nostalgia and Sexy Evil Wizards

He seems really nonchalant about that dragon in the background. >_>.

Alternate title, "In Which Brigid Tries To Write An Intelligent Book Review But Instead Starts Ranting Like A Crazy Person." Has a nice ring to it.

Every once in a while I get a very strong urge to re-read Dragonlance.

Don't lie, all you nerds out there remember Dragonlance. If you don't, let me refresh your memory. Dragonlance is a series of fantasy novels, probably one of the better known ones, beginning with Dragons of Autumn Twilight, the first book in the Chronicles trilogy. The most recent book, from The Lost Chronicles, is called Dragons of the Hourglass Mage, which I have yet to read. (It's a really long series, actually - according to Wikipedia there are over 100 books set in the Dragonlance universe. That's just absurd. Don't read ones that aren't by the original writers, it's not worth it.)  Along with R.A. Salvatore's The Legend of Drizzt series, they were my favorite thing in the world during my early teenage years - I spent more time in the fantasy section of my library than anywhere else. In fact, reading all of those fantasy books is what made me want to be a writer in the first place.  Originally a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, there are far-too-frequent moments where you can practically hear the d20 dice rolling on the table as you read, which, for someone as dorky as me, can be kind of fun sometimes.

I love to re-read books - to me it's really comforting, and I get even more out out of the book the second time around. But when I actually break down and re-read Dragonlance, I usually get through a chapter or two before I end up staring at the page, going "What the hell was I thinking?

The thing is, I wish I'd never re-read them in the first place. The first time, they were some of the best books I'd ever read. I was enthralled by the world, and the magic, and the characters. Since I love re-reading, I read them again. The second time, I could see every flaw. The writers, Margaret Weis and Tracey Hickman, don't seem to understand the concept of continuity (which is a huge issue when the sequel trilogy, Legends, deals largely with time travel. Seriously, I have no idea what was going on through those books), so that's  pretty confusing. I also realized that I can't stand most of the characters. Tanis Half-Elven, the half-elf (there's a shocker), is the definition of angsty, and not in a good way. His thought process through the entire book goes something like this: "Oh no! I'm a half-elf and no one accepts me! And I can't choose between the gorgeous elf who is totally in love with me and the psycho-bitch totally evil Dragon Highlord who doesn't give a shit if I die or not! I HAVE TO GO WRITE ANGSTY POEMS." (No, really, he does. They're in the book. It's a sickening amount of angst.) Also, the cover art is stupid because no matter how many times they describe the Staff of Magius as 'a crystal ball held by a dragon's claw' or something along those lines, the artist(s) can't seem to draw it that way. In the official art. Yeah.

The rest of the characters... Well, they don't exactly do anything that offends me, they just...don't do anything. They're completely two-dimensional. Caramon is an idiot, and will always be an idiot. Kitiara is a psychobitch and you can tell that from the first scene she appears in, Sturm and Flint have no purpose, Goldmoon and Riverwind only have a purpose through the first book, Crysania should never have existed...and so on. There are only three characters in the book that I like, but they are all so amazing that I can't stop reading these books even though I mostly can't stand it.

There's Dalamar, the dark elf, an evil mage and Raistlin's apprentice. He was exiled from Silvanesti because he's so evil. Or something like that.
And Tasslehoff Burrfoot, the kender (pretty much a halfling, but cooler). He's kinda the most adorable thing in the world. <3. Oh, and he's friends with Paladine/God. So there.
And of course...Raistlin.
Google Images, I love you. Creeper!Raistlin makes me LOL so much. See that slutbitchwhore right there? Yeah, she really needs to just die. Painfully.
Here is where the obsessive fangirl ranting comes in. May I just say, I am so in love with this man. LOL. I talked about Raistlin a bit in my Love Letters To Fictional Characters post, but I could actually rant about him for hours. I can't explain to you what I, and so many other Dragonlance fans love so much about him, exactly, because I don't know myself. (what is it with me falling for evil characters?) He's not very nice; in fact, he's selfish and a bit whiny and crazy... And he looks pretty nasty, honestly, except in this amazing picture right here.
 There are very few likeable qualities about him except that he's relateable - even if you didn't have a shitty childhood like he did, I think everyone can understand how he feels to some extent. He's power-hungry because power is the only thing he has. He doesn't love anyone because he's never been shown love, except from his twin brother Caramon, who he despises. He's pretty heartbreaking, honestly.
Or maybe we love him because he's completely badass.

I can't really tell if I can still call myself a Dragonlance fan anymore. I guess I wish I hadn't re-read them because I still want to be as amazed as I was when I was thirteen. I'm feeling all nostalgic right now. I guess I'll just curl up with my copy of The Soulforge (a whole book. all about Raistlin. *happysigh*) and reminisce about the good ol' days.

If anyone has found good fanart and/or fanfiction of/about Raistlin that doesn't pair him with Crysania, you would get bonus points for linking me to it. Bonus to what, I don't know yet.

On a completely unrelated note, my Chuck Taylors are sexy now. I'mma post pics tomorrow. Also, I just heard a loud THUMP outside of my window and now I'm sure someone is about to murder me. If you never hear from me again, assume that I was killed tonight :]  
thanks for reading<3comments are a beautiful thing.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Things I Like Thursday! + a few photos :].

FIRSTLY, I'mma pimp my own stuff.


Things I Like Thursday [which I just realized can be shortened to TILT, which amused me way too much] has RETURNED. *waits for people to clap* *crickets chirp in the background*

Well then, without further ado:

Writer of the Week:

By far one of the best writers I've come across on deviantART. In particular, you should read these: Safe Word, Before It Falls Undone, and The Night Is Waiting.

Artist of the Week:

One of the first artists I started watching when I joined deviantART. She is incredible. There's a significant amount of yaoi [boy love] in her gallery, so if that offends you, go away. Also, buy her manga when it's published. :]. Look at these: Mirror, Cold Night [this one made me cry the first time I looked at it], A Sunday Morning, and Ambre and Rei.

Photographer of the Week:

It was extremely hard to pick just a few to link to, because I love almost EVERY PHOTO IN HER GALLERY. But here you go anyway: Help, I'm Alive, Oh, Romeo, Blue and Green, and Thunders.

and a new addition [i almost spelled it 'edition', durr hurr], Band of the Week:

iTunes labels them as Alternative. I'm not sure what that means, but whatevs. They kick ass. They are a Christian band, which I normally don't like to listen to, but they are an exception. Listen to 'Treasure', 'Fully Alive', Circle' [makes me cry almost every time I listen to it], 'Cassie', 'Beautiful Bride', 'So I Thought' [not everyone likes this one, but it has very special meaning to me], 'Swept Away'... actually, you know what? Listen to EVERYTHING THEY'VE RELEASED. Honestly. 

Some recent faves on deviantART:

Pirat's Girl by ~yelou on deviantART

Dead by ~Naoto-Otusbo on deviantART

Snow White and Boy Blue by *AdamHughes on deviantART

Back in the 18-1900's by =escaped-emotions on deviantART

BW P5 by ~masateru on deviantART

lady gaga by ~chemcial23 on deviantART

we need shine by *Valioza on deviantART

here is gone by =theluckynine on deviantART

Joker: The Last Laugh by =IsaiahS on deviantART

Void Stuff by ~tanglehymn on deviantART

In other news, it's 111 degrees farenheit here in Indiana, and I am sweating in places I shouldn't be able to sweat.
Have a good day :)

Friday, July 30, 2010

imagine (ipod shuffe meme)

1. Put Your iTunes on Shuffle.
2. For each question, press the ‘next’ button to get your answer.
3. You must write down the name of the song no matter how silly it sounds!
4. Put any comments in brackets after the song name.
5. Tag some peeps. (I TAG YOU.)

What do your friends think of you?
Infest by Papa Roach

If someone says, “Is this okay?” You say?
Stupid Motherfucker by Mindless Self Indulgence

How would you describe yourself?
Brena by A Perfect Circle
(Whatever that means. Purdy song.)

What do you like in a guy/girl?
Walk Away From The Sun by Seether.

How do you feel today?
Unknown Soldier by Breaking Benjamin
(Not really. XD.)

What is your life’s purpose?
Mr. Crowley by Ozzy Osbourne
(How very... bizarre.)

What is your motto?
I Will Not Bow by Breaking Benjamin.

What do you think about very often?
Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney
(...shut. up.)

What is 2 + 2?
Poor Jack from the Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack
(Poor Jack can't count because he is a skeleton.)

What do you think of your best friend?
Of Wolf And Man by Metallica

What do you think of the person you like?
4000 Miles by Blackalicious
(has nothing to do with anything. lulz.)

What is your life story?
Love and Luxury by KoRn
(lulz. no.)

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Viva La Vida by Coldplay
(Sense. This makes none.)

What do you think of when you see the person you like?
Cemetery Drive [Live] by My Chemical Romance
(o_o morbid. I swear it's not true.)

What will you dance to at your wedding?
Hanger 18 by Megadeth
(wuuuuut. XD)

What will they play at your funeral?\
Headfirst for Halos [Live] by My Chemical Romance
(ohmygod YAY.)

What is your hobby/interest?
Van Dieman's Land by U2
(there is no sense here.

What is your biggest fear?
Blinded in Chains by Avenged Sevenfold.
(I 'spose I don't want to get blinded. or in chains. o_O.)

What is your biggest secret?
3 Bottles of Wine by Left Alone
(oh lulz.)

What do you think of your friends?
Bitch by Meridith Brooks
(noes o_o.)

What will you post this as?
Imagine by A Perfect Circle (cover)

And to make sure that this post isn't totally pointless: Some writing excersizes which are quite nice :)
I didn't end up going to Michigan, because apparently all of the beaches there are poisoned with e.coli! So, since we prefer not dying, we (me and my BFF and her mom and little sister and our other BFF) went to this indoor water park instead. Which is epic, except I'm completely exhausted. Plus is started raining the second day we were there, and they had to close the park because of the lightning, so it was like, "OH HEY THE SEXY LIFEGUARD CAME BACK --- oh hey, we're leaving. :|." Buut it was fun.
Let's see, what else is new... oh, my laptop has a new screen, so I can finally do artsy stuff on it. And I just bought Converse. I will post pics once they're decorated. :D

I bought the most hilarious book at Target. It was called Loving Mr. Darcy by Sharon Lathan, and I thought it would be good, because the back cover made it seem so sweet. And Pride and Predjudice is one of my favorite books, and I really didn't want it to end. Soo I bought it. I tried to read it but couldn't get past chapter three because I was laughing so hard at Mr. Darcy's 'brutal techniques'.
There is nothing to this book besides sex. Badly written sex. Sex that makes ME uncomfortable when normally reading that doesn't bother me at all. It was like the author had only read about sex in shitty romance novels and never experienced it (neither have I, but STILL.) Also, the About the Author section said something about Lathan 'living in California, where she attends to her very own Mr. Darcy.' I would hate to be her Mr. Darcy.
So there's my review. Don't read it except for the lulz. :D

I DID read a good book, though, while I was waiting to get picked up at Borders :P I finally got around to reading Death Note: Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases. It was... interesting. I may write a review of it later.

I had to skip Things I Like Thursday, cause I couldn't get online much while I was at my friend's house, but it will be back next week for sure :)
Guess that's all! Much love.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Things I Like Thursday

Decided I'm going to start featuring artists/photographers/writers that I like every week :D So here goes!

Writer of the Week:
Everyone needs to read THIS STORY.
It IS a fanfic. And InuYasha fanfic, to be precise, which is absurdly nerdy of me. But it is one of my favorite stories ever. EVER.
The rest of her stuff is good too, so read that :D Most of her stuff, including House of the Moon, does have mature content [sexy time, blood and gore], so be warned :). Also, if you're anywhere near as sensitive as I am, you will cry during some part of it. Just a warning. XD

Artist of the Week:

Absolutely bizarre. And amazing. No other way to describe it.

Photographer of the Week:

Again, fucking amazing. On top of being an incredible photographer, she is also a great writer (mostly poetry, and I don't even like poetry, but she's awesome) and artist. So there. Oh, definitely some mature content, be warned :).

10 Most Recent Faves on deviantART:

Amy Pond by ~Squint-in-the-Tardis on deviantART
You've got her in your pocket by *andrahilde on deviantART
Little wonders by `Jules1983 on deviantART
Lightning - Final Fantasy XIII by *AuroraInk on deviantART  

MOMENTS by EmilyScissorhands on deviantART (no preview for this as it's literature, sorry :P It's a Doctor Who fanfic, though, and it's quite good.)

Fireheart by *juliadavis on deviantART
Sour-sweet rose cocktail by =Mariyumi on deviantART
Skeleton Overlay by ~polvoice on deviantART

enjoy :)

Other news: Going on vacation to Michigan with my second family next week :D Should be fun. Hopefully I won't get appendicitis this time. :]. (i didn't acutally. it just felt like it.)
And HAPPY INTERNATIONAL MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE DAY!'s actually tomorrow, but I won't have time to post about it then, as I will be working most of the day and then taking off to Bloomington to celebrate this day of MAGIC and RAINBOWS and blood and revenge and other wonderful things with my bestest friend :]. We'll probably spend the whole time drawing, fangirling, and watching Life On The Murder Scene and/or The Black Parade Is Dead. Do something wonderful to celebrate! join in on the Life On The Murder Scene Viewing Party :D Info on that

Comments are nice :] much love<3

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bad Wolf

Bad Wolf by ~x-VelvetChains-x on deviantART


I've had such bad artblock FOREVAR but this was actually REALLY FUN AND EASY (which was surprising considering the screencap was blurry as hell). So I'm really excited about digital art right nao. I also am typing stupidly and I don't know why. :].
So. In case you didn't guess from the WIP, didn't notice how obsessed I am, or are stupid, it's Rose Tyler from Doctor Who. It's from the season 1 finale after she looks into the time vortex. I love this scene so much. The Daleks are all "EXTERMINATE" and Rose/Bad Wolf is all "BITCH PLZ. TALK TO THE HAND."

She was my favorite companion before Donna showed up, and now I can't decide between them. XD

I am not sure how I feel about the hair - I might have to go back and re-do it later. But it's good enough for now. I tried to make her look just a bit more dramatic than she did in the actual screencap just because it seemed fitting.

Thanks so much to for Sirasan her tutorials and, which I followed religiously during this painting. XD

Took about.... um... I don't know. A few days. Maybe a little less than a week? Idk.
Critique, I like it. :].


IMCRD, which stands for International My Chemical Romance Day, is coming up VERY SOON. It is time to celebrate the amazingness that is MCR. If you are gonna be stuck at home all day anyway, you can still join in the fun, because Tera had an awesome idea for a Life on the Murder Scene viewing party. Go HERE for more information. :D